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Why Invest in London and the UK?

Why Invest in London and the UK?

Why Invest in London and the UK?

London is a city with plenty to offer. Being one of the world's financial centres, it is home to internationally recognised banks, businesses and world famous brands, bringing a huge amount of opportunities. Steeped in history and buzzing with energy, together with it's diverse culture and it's close link to Europe, it is a fantastic place to live, work and play and one of the premier cities in the World to invest.

Investing in UK property, specifically London property, is considered as a ‘safe investment’.  Despite political events and financial crises the UK property market is not as volatile as other property markets and if you do enough research into your investments then you can make a good profit as a result. 

It is has become widely known that the UK faces a housing shortage. Demand exceeds supply and even though there are now government initiatives in place to help people make the first step onto the property ladder many people still struggle.

Due to the current mortgage market, first-time buyers continue to find it difficult to step onto the property ladder and rents in and around London are currently at an all-time high, which means demand for the limited pool of available property remains robust.

The UK has world class universities and colleges offering internationally recognized degrees. Therefore studying in the UK is appealing and attracts students from all around the globe. For clients who have children going to university in the UK it makes financial sense to purchase accommodation and turn it into an investment as there is a high demand for rental property in university towns.

For overseas investors the high yields, low interest rates as well as the long term capital growth prospects make investing in London and the UK a very interesting proposition.

Why Property?

Financial events in recent years has created uncertainty in the banking sector and a lack of performance in pension funds has forced many people to rethink their investment plans for the future. Considering the spectacular growth in property prices seen over the past ten years, many people feel that investing in property is a good alternative to traditional investments and is the way to future financial security.