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Whatever your circumstances, finding the most appropriate finance arrangement for your property purchase is essential and can sometimes prove to be a stressful and time consuming experience.

There are numerous lending institutions and financial services companies offering thousands of mortgage products, each with differing features, benefits and rates.

Whether you're looking for a fixed rate mortgage, an interest only product, a buy to let deal or a bridging loan, we can guide you through the maze and help you find a mortgage that's right for you.

Currency Exchange

When you're buying or selling a property abroad you must not forget about the impact of the exchange rate on your transaction. As exchange rates fluctuate so much this can have a huge effect on the cost of your property. Locate International can help and guide you to obtain the best rates on currency.


When you own and rent out property in the UK you need to be aware of the various tax rules. Property purchases are subject to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and property sales may be subject to Capital Gains Tax, depending on your circumstances. Income from rental property is also subject to taxation and is different for residential and commercial properties. There are a number of deductions that can be made for 'allowable expenses' such as lettings and management fees, insurance, interest on mortgage payments to name a few.

Many buyers register properties through an offshore company to avoid inheritance tax and stamp duty, however the UK government has recently imposed new taxes and charges on offshore companies that own properties. Whilst the tax system in the UK is fairly simple compared to some countries it is always advisable to seek guidance on the subject to ensure that you are paying the minimum amount of tax possible.

Please note:

Locate international is not a Financial services company, a lender or provider of financial advice. We provide introductions to regulated bodies in respect of financial advice, wealth management and mortgage products.